White Fillings in Turlock & Modesto CA

White or tooth-colored fillings can fill tooth cavities in the same way traditional metal fillings do. However, white fillings are much more natural-looking and perfectly match your existing teeth. 

At All Smile Dental in California, we offer white composite dental fillings that meet our patients' smiles and their unique needs. 

What Are White Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to restore damaged or decayed teeth after treatment. The most common materials fillings are made from include amalgam, gold, ceramic, composite, and porcelain. 

White fillings are made from a mixture of plastic and glass. They are tooth-colored and therefore blend in easily with your natural teeth.

Benefits of White Fillings

White fillings have become a popular restorative choice for many reasons, including:


White fillings are cosmetically pleasing and can be color-matched to blend in with the shade of the surrounding tooth structure. The composite material used for white fillings is incredibly flexible and also matches the natural luster of teeth. 

Reduced Sensitivity

Composite resin does not produce heat as quickly as metals. This feature allows patients to avoid unpleasant sensations when consuming hot or cold foods. White fillings protect your teeth from temperature sensitivity.


White fillings are also safer as they are biocompatible and contain no dangerous metals or chemicals.


White fillings are solid and durable and do not expand or contract due to temperature variations. 

How Are White Fillings Placed?

The procedure for placing white fillings is quick and comfortable. 

Dr. Singh will first clean and sanitize the treatment site. Then, a special etching compound will be used to prepare the tooth surface for the filling. This helps open up the natural microscopic pores on the surface of the enamel so the composite resin can properly bond with the tooth surface. 

After the tooth is prepped, Dr. Singh will color-match the resin with your natural teeth. Then, he will carefully mold the composite resin over the tooth surface and use a special blue light to harden the filling quickly. 

Lastly, he will check your bite to ensure that the white filling is comfortable and make any required minor adjustments. There is no recovery time necessary for white fillings, and side effects are infrequent. 

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