Traditional Braces in Turlock & Modesto CA

Dental braces are devices used to straighten or align teeth and guide them into their correct positions. They are composed of brackets, wires, and bands. 

Braces help improve the alignment of teeth and jaw and improve the appearance of your smile. They also alleviate issues that may arise when eating and speaking. Thanks to advances in technology for dentistry, traditional braces are now sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable.

Braces made of metal remain the most popular orthodontic treatment option. Our dentist at All Smile Dental will be the ideal person to advise you on the best treatment options and methods, depending on the dentition.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are made of metal brackets, positioned over your teeth using an adhesive, and then connected with a wire. They require a periodic tightening process every 4-6 weeks. This steady pressure will slowly straighten your teeth and help align your jaw. Metal braces are popular for adolescents and children.

How Do Braces Work?

Traditional braces use brackets that are attached to your teeth, as well as an arch-wire that is specially designed to apply pressure.

The pressure can stretch and compress the ligament that holds your teeth in your gums, shifting the teeth slightly in the direction you would like them to move. The teeth loosen and allow new bone to develop and hold them in their new position. 

Most of them use a color rubber band to secure the wire to the brackets attached to your teeth. It is referred to as 'conventional thermolysis'.

This method is safe and secure for at least six months in bringing the teeth in the proper alignment. Throughout treatment, your dentist will be able to assess the movements of your teeth by tightening and altering the tension of the archwire over your teeth.

Taking Care of Your Traditional Metal Braces

If you have metal braces, the things you should keep in mind include:

  • Avoid foods that are not suitable for braces, like chewy foods (caramels and soft candy) or hard foods that may cause damage to your braces. Certain fruits and vegetables can get stuck in braces. So they must be cut into smaller pieces. Ask your practitioner for a list of foods to avoid to maintain your braces in good shape.
  • Taking proper care of your teeth is essential, particularly when you wear braces. Regularly brushing and flossing keeps your braces clean and will prevent staining your teeth. Use a brush specifically designed to go into the crevices and other surfaces on braces made of metal. 
  • Seeing your dentist and orthodontist frequently allows any adjustments to your braces that need to be done.

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