Root Canal Retreatment in Turlock & Modesto CA

Root canal retreatment is performed when a tooth that had undergone a root canal procedure previously develops symptoms that may indicate an underlying issue. At All Smile Dental in California, we use innovative root canal retreatment techniques to care for a tooth that has become infected again after an initial root canal procedure.

What Is Root Canal Retreatment?

Root canal retreatment is a technique undertaken when an earlier root canal procedure did not deliver the desired result. Most root canals are successful in curing the infection or other damage to the tooth’s pulp. But in some instances, a root canal procedure may fail and cause disease and pain to the tooth again. People with complicated root canal structures or inadequately applied sealants are more likely to develop infections and other issues following a traditional root canal. Retreatment helps treat infections at its roots and seals the canal area to avoid further damage and redeem the tooth’s integrity.

What Are the Symptoms That Need Retreatment?

Most people who need retreatment show symptoms like pain and tenderness in the tooth or the gum surrounding it. In some cases, a pus-filled abscess may also grow. Other times, a dental X-ray will be needed to identify the problem at or near the root or inside the tooth structure. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in a tooth that had undergone a root canal treatment, you should make an appointment right away. We can evaluate your symptoms and decide if a retreatment procedure is required.

What Is Involved In a Root Canal Retreatment?

During the retreatment process, advanced techniques are used to access the infected or impaired site. The harmful debris is removed, and medication is administered to treat the infection. Depending on the damage location, the tooth may be accessed from the upper or the lower portion of the tooth’s root. The site is packed with a new filling and sealant to prevent the development of future problems. Sometimes, an apicoectomy would be needed where the tip of the root will be removed.

How Long Does a Retreatment Root Canal Take?

A root canal retreatment is relatively straightforward. The entire process is accomplished in one or two dental appointments. Each session can last up to ninety minutes. 

What Happens During Retreatment Recovery?

After your root canal retreatment, there may be some discomfort, tenderness, and mild pain for a few days. It will help if you can refrain from biting or chewing on the affected side. We also provide aftercare instructions to ensure your healing process is as painless and comfortable as possible. However, if your symptoms are still present or get worse, contact our office immediately.

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