Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment in Turlock & Modesto CA

As the name suggests, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a by-product of blood that contains an exceptional level of platelets. These platelets help in blood clot formation and speed up wound healing by releasing growth factors that produce new host tissue as fast as possible. Hence, for years, doctors have been employing the use of PRP in hospitals to expedite the body's own healing process, especially during surgical procedures. But now, the developments in the field of dental technology and the benefits offered by PRP have allowed the use of the same during dental procedures as well. 

PRP in dentistry

In clinical dentistry, PRP can be used during several dental procedures; some of them are below: 

Bone grafting before dental implant placement: PRP can be used in dental procedures like sinus lift, closure of cleft lip, treatment of cleft palate deformations, ridge augmentation, and inlay and onlay grafts.

Bone Repair: PRP can be employed for bone repair during facial trauma reconstruction, fixing issues due to tooth extraction, treating periodontal defects, or while removing growths and cysts. 

Fistula Repair:  PRP can promote healing during the process of repairing fistulas between the mouth and the sinus cavity.

The other applications of PRP in dentistry is for promoting soft tissue generation during the following procedures:

  • Periosteal and connective tissue flaps
  • Free connective tissue and gum grafts
  • Root coverage treatments
  • Controlling healing and maturity of soft tissue

Advantages offered by PRP

The major benefits offered by PRP in dentistry are as follows:

  • PRF helps to rebuild peri-implant bone by drawing osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) to the affected area.
  • PRP assists in conserving alveolar ridge
  • PRP helps in the generation of new bone and supports the healing of periodontal injuries, thus improving the overall health of the teeth.
  • PRP can be used during oral cancer treatment as it helps build bony deformities after cancer surgery.
  • PRP helps in the regeneration of gum by improving the gum volume.
  • PRP heals mucosal margins by connecting them, which even sutures can't fix. 
  • PRP speeds up the healing of injuries. 
  • PRF lessens bone inflammation by up to 90%.
  • Since PRP is derived from the patient's own blood, it is a safe and risk-free procedure.
  • PRP can be generated during the outpatient surgical procedure, making it a convenient procedure. 

What does PRP treatment involve?

Once our dentist confirms that the patient is an ideal candidate for the treatment, we draw a small sample of their blood and will place it into a centrifuge to separate the plasma and the red blood cells. The platelets containing the growth factor will be concentrated to a second centrifuge. 

After stitching the wound of the procedure, the dentist will quickly employ highly concentrated PRP to the surgical area. This will facilitate healing of the wound and minimize the discomfort after the surgery. Once the procedure is over, the patient will be provided with aftercare instructions of the surgery and suitable pain medication.

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