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Children’s dental appointments are just as important as general checkups with their pediatrician. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), parents should take their children in for a dental exam as soon as their first tooth emerges or as soon as they turn 1.

At All Smile Dental in Turlock, California, and Modesto, California, Dr. Singh, and his friendly team know that it’s never too early to introduce your child to good oral hygiene practices and start maintaining their oral health.

Why Is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

Pediatric dentistry focuses on preventative measures for maintaining a child’s oral health. At All Smile Dental, Dr. Singh concentrates on educating both children and parents on home oral hygiene practices and recommends preventive solutions that will ensure the correct development of the teeth and jawbone. 

Regular pediatric dentistry exams also help in identifying any signs of oral disorders early on.

You should consider bringing your child in for a checkup and professional dental cleaning once every 6 months. Early dental visits for children will help establish good dental habits and a positive experience visiting the dental office. It is not advisable to wait until a problem surfaces and make your child’s first introduction to the dentist a painful and scary one.

Preventative Care for Children at All Smile Dental

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that is very effective in preventing tooth decay. However, the amount of fluoride that is found in public water supplies and most kinds of toothpaste may not be sufficient.

If your child has poor oral hygiene habits, a history of cavities, or excessive sugar intake, we recommend fluoride treatments. Topical fluoride applications will seep into the tooth enamel’s surface, helping strengthen erupted teeth and make them more resistant to cavities. 

Ideally, your child should benefit from a fluoride treatment once every six months.

Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a thin coating that Dr. Singh applies to the chewing surface of premolars and molars and any teeth with deep hollows. These are the areas hardest to clean and most vulnerable to cavities. Sealants help protect teeth by sealing them and creating a smooth surface that is easier to clean.

Generally, sealants are applied once the first permanent molars emerge. However, children who are more prone to cavities or those with teeth that have deep hollows are also good candidates. 

To get the best dental experience for your child, contact Dr. Singh at All Smile Dental, California.Please call our Dentist in Turlock, CA at (209) 668-3736 or Dentist in Modesto, CA at (209) 409-8839.


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