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The majority of instances of bruxism can be treated with a nightguard. Commonly referred to as mouth guards, they work as barriers between your teeth from the upper and lower jaw. If you are clenching your jaw while sleeping, the nightguard can relieve the pressure and cushion the jaw muscles. It helps in preventing facial as well as jaw-related pain and protects the enamel. 

Types of Nightguards

Nightguards can be bought over-the-counter with no prescription and also directly from a dentist. The most suitable one for you will depend on your specific needs.

Soft Nightguard

It is the most frequently used nightguard for treating bruxism. It is primarily used in mild or occasional occurrences and is not suitable for severe teeth grinding.


  • It offers the most comfortable fit among all the nightguards.
  • They are most adaptable and simple to get used to.
  • These are highly affordable.

Dual Laminate Nightguards

These are soft inside and hard on the outside and are best suited for moderate teeth grinders. 


  • They are designed for heavy grinding and clenching.
  • These nightguards are long-lasting.
  • They offer a more extended warranty than soft guards.

Hard Nightguards

The hard nightguards are made of acrylic and are extremely tough and durable. They are suitable to treat extreme cases of grinding as well as TMJ.


  • They are the most durable nightguards.
  • Hard nightguards help prevent teeth from shifting to empty pockets.
  • They offer the most prolonged warranty period.

What Can You Gain from a Sports Guard?

Sports guards keep your teeth secured from damage in the event of a fall or severe hit during play. It ensures that the force is evenly distributed among the teeth, preventing only a few teeth injury. Professional athletes wear mouthguards to protect the soft tissues and teeth from damage.

Night Guards to Prevent the Effects of Bruxism

Sleep apnea causes breathlessness and irregularities in breathing during sleep. One of the most common symptoms of this condition is bruxism. Due to this, patients feel a subconscious clenching of their jaws, TMJ disorder, and worn-out surfaces of teeth. These reasons call for patients to put on a night guard for bruxism before going to bed. It blocks contact between teeth of both jaws and reduces stress to muscles that cause TMJ.

Benefits of Customized Mouth Guard

  • Mouthguards are available at the local drug store too. They do not provide a perfect fit and often slide off due to improper fitting. But, a custom mouthguard will fit perfectly onto your teeth.
  • Customized mouth guards do not put pressure on your teeth and soft tissues and prevent malocclusion development.
  • Customized mouth guards are affordable, and you can safeguard your teeth by making a small investment.

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