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Tooth cavities affect the structure of a tooth and, whenever you have a cavity, the decayed portion must be removed and replaced with a filling. For many years, various kinds of amalgam fillings were the only options used in dentistry. 

However, new technologies have revolutionized the solutions used by dentists for fillings. Tooth-colored mercury-free fillings such as the ones we offer at All Smile Dental in Turlock, California, and Modesto, California, are one of the most convenient and durable alternatives to amalgam fillings.

What Are Mercury-Free Fillings?

Mercury is one of the primary constituents of amalgam fillings. Mercury-free fillings are made from composite resin. They are also referred to as tooth-colored fillings and are the most common alternative to old-fashioned amalgam restorations. 

This metal-free solution is made from acrylic resin fortified with powdered glass filler. White fillings can be customized to match the exact shade of the affected tooth.

Benefits of Mercury-Free Fillings


The use of amalgam for fillings can expose patients and dental professionals to the potentially harmful effects of mercury. Exposure to mercury can cause neurological and other health problems depending on the extent of exposure, the person’s age, and overall health. 

Safe for Pregnant Women

Any exposure of a pregnant woman to harmful substances may affect the baby’s wellbeing. Mercury fillings may pose a risk to a developing fetus, while composite mercury-free fillings are considered safe for the health of both pregnant women and their babies.

Healthier Alternative

Mercury fillings are potentially toxic and can adversely affect the immune, urinary, cardiac, respiratory, and digestive systems. Since mercury is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, it can easily be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. With mercury-free fillings, you can avoid any potential health hazards.

Smile Aesthetics

Mercury-free fillings have the added advantage of seamlessly blending in with the shade of your natural teeth, restoring your smile both functionally and esthetically, as they are completely customizable.

Better for the Environment

The use of toxic materials like mercury can pollute the environment and contaminate public water sources. Mercury can therefore easily find its way into the human body. Composite fillings don't have any dangerous elements and thereby cause no harm to the environment.

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