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Gum recession caused by periodontal disease can lead to cosmetic as well as oral health issues. When left untreated for long, gum recession can advance to severe stages exposing the tooth roots, making the patient's smile appear less aesthetic and more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Besides, the exposed tooth roots are more prone to be affected by decay and instability and cause the spread of the bacteria to the jawbone, causing eventual tooth loss. 

If you suffer from gum recession, All Smile Dental offers gum grafting surgery to restore the lost gum tissues and prevent the consequences of gum recession. 

Gum Grafting

A gum graft is a periodontal surgery done to treat gum recession resulting from moderate or severe gum disease. When the procedure is performed on receded gums, it can help both improve the aesthetics of the smile and safeguard the teeth from the aftereffects of gum recession.

A gum graft procedure thus aims to cover and protect an exposed tooth root using grafted oral tissue.

Types of gum grafting

The most common types of gum grafting surgery are as follows:

Free gingival graft– This procedure helps thicken the gum tissue. This is done by removing a layer of tissue from the palate and relocating the tissue to the site affected by gum recession. This is a standard procedure, and both the sites will heal without any lasting damage.

Subepithelial connective tissue graft– If you have exposed tooth roots, subepithelial connective tissue grafting is done by removing tissue from the outer layer of the palate and placing it on the recession site. 

Acellular dermal matrix allograft– In this procedure, processed, donated human tissue is used as the source for performing the graft. Here, the patient does not need to suffer from the pain of extracting tissue from their palate. 

Benefits of gum grafting 

When a patient with receded gums undergoes gum grafting at All Smile Dental, they will enjoy the following benefits: 

Protects Exposed Roots From Decay

When gum recession exposes the tooth roots, the risk for tooth decay, other dental health issues, as well as untimely tooth loss is high. By undergoing gum graft, the teeth and tooth roots can be shielded from further inflammation and tooth decay. 

Reduces Tooth Sensitivity

Exposed teeth are highly sensitive to touch and hot or cold foods. When gum grafting is done, the patient can get relief from this discomfort.

Improves Aesthetics of Your Smile

Receding gums can affect the aesthetics of one's smile as the teeth appear longer. When gum grafting is done and new gum tissue is added, the appearance of the smile can be improved by making the gums look even and natural.

Improves Periodontal Health

If a patient does not have strong gum tissue, plaque can get accumulated under the gums, leading to cavities, tooth decay, bone loss, and further destruction of the gum tissue. Gum grafting surgery strengthens and rejuvenates the gum tissue, thus improving overall periodontal health.

If you think you suffer from any symptoms of gum recession, schedule a consultation at All Smile Dental.

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