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Before undergoing a tooth extraction, it is essential to decide how to deal with the empty gap in the mouth left by the extracted tooth. If the extracted ones are wisdom teeth that are in the back of the mouth, they will heal in a few days on their own, without any complications. However, in other cases, when a tooth is removed and the extraction site is left empty for long, it can lead to many complications, including jawbone deterioration, shifting of the adjacent teeth causing misalignment, etc. This can also affect the bite as well as the ability to speak and chew.

So, before you decide to get your teeth removed, we recommend discussing the extraction site aftercare with our expert dentist, as we will help you minimize the consequences of the extraction with a proper treatment plan.

What happens to an extraction site once a tooth is removed?

Sometimes, removal of teeth is inevitable because of several reasons like infection, swelling, pain, severe cracks, bone loss, or fracture of the tooth. Once a tooth is extracted, the body senses the extraction as an injury, and hence, triggers a healing response, leading to the formation of a blood clot immediately over the wound. This clot serves as a protecting barrier but can get dislodged easily. So, we recommend our patients not to disrupt the clot till the wound is entirely healed.  

Socket Preservation

Most often, severe decay or dental infection would cause damage to the bone that holds the tooth, leading to jaw deformity once the tooth is removed. Besides, tooth extraction can cause shrinking and receding of surrounding bone and gums very quickly, resulting in defects and breakdown of the lips and cheeks. These deformities in the jaw can lead to problems while performing restorative dentistry procedures like dentures, dental implants, and bridges. These deformations of the jaw after tooth extraction can be checked and fixed by socket preservation. Socket preservation can help to improve the aesthetics and appearance of one's smile and increase the chances of successful restorations like dental implants. 

Socket Preservation techniques

To preserve teh jawbone and minimize bone loss post tooth extraction, there are various techniques available. One of these techniques is by filling the socket with bone or bone substitutes once the tooth is removed. The space is then covered with an artificial membrane, gum, or tissue stimulating proteins that will strengthen the body's innate capacity to repair and rebuild the socket and reconstruct the tissue quickly, thus ensuring the proper healing of the bone. Thus, the socket gets healed fast, eliminating the chances of shrinkage and collapse of the encompassing gum and facial tissues. The bone that is newly formed in the socket also gives a strong base for the placement of an implant to restore the tooth. So, if you are undergoing a tooth extraction, ask your dentist if you would need socket preservation. This is especially crucial if you plan to replace your front teeth.

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