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Cosmetic dental procedures are mainly performed to enrich the aesthetics of the teeth and your smile as a whole. However, they also do an efficient job of improving oral functionality as well. At All Smile Dental in California, we conduct a comprehensive screening of your mouth to determine the best means to treat your cosmetic dental concerns. This helps us plan the treatment accordingly and enables you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Corrected Aesthetic Flaws 

Cosmetic dentistry is designed to correct various flaws affecting your smile, including concealing or repairing problems such as stains, cracks, and gaps between teeth, misshapen teeth, irregular teeth sizes, and much more.

Youthful Appearance 

When your teeth display signs of aging such as discoloration, staining, or tooth erosion, it can also make you look older. Smile enhancement procedures can help you look years younger.

Stronger Teeth

Though improving the appearance is the primary goal of most cosmetic procedures, they can also make teeth stronger.

Prevented Dental Damage

Cosmetic dental procedures that cover tooth damage like a fracture, worn edges, or a crack can prevent future damage. The tooth has already been compromised, and if left untreated, it can become fragile and easily damaged.

Cosmetic Procedures at All Smile Dental

Dental Veneers 

Veneers are special thin laminates that hide stains; conceal discolored, worn out, cracked, and chipped teeth; and close unappealing gaps between teeth. They are cosmetic restorations cemented to a tooth's front surface in a straightforward procedure.

Dental Bonding

Tooth bondings are tooth-colored materials that can be color-matched with the shade of the existing natural teeth. They can help repair several imperfections of a smile, including decayed, chipped, or fractured teeth and teeth with significant gaps between them.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a quick and straightforward cosmetic dentistry procedure that can give you an instantly white smile. Teeth are prone to discolor or become dull for multiple reasons, including consuming staining foods and beverages, smoking, or aging. Professional teeth whitening can help eliminate the stains and give you a flawless smile. 

White Fillings

Dental fillings can protect your mouth from cavities. White fillings can also be utilized for cosmetic improvements like changing the shade of your teeth, covering gapped teeth, and making teeth look even and balanced. 

Snap-on Smile

This procedure is ideal for people with missing teeth, require implants, or have a gummy smile. It can also help fix your crooked teeth without braces or boost the aesthetics of your smile.

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