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Misaligned or uneven teeth become a cause of concern among many people. As a result, they lose their self-confidence and become conscious of the presence of others. Although metal braces are a sought-after treatment option for aligning your teeth, the metal wiring affects the appearance of your smile. Clear braces are a great alternative to solve your problem. 

What are Clear Braces? 

Also known as clear aligners, clear braces serve the same purpose as traditional braces. They hold your teeth in a suitable position, thus adjusting their alignment over a few months. What sets them apart from the metal braces is that they are invisible in appearance. 

These braces are made using clear plastic or clear ceramic, and you have to wear them throughout the day. They look similar to regular braces but appear transparent or tooth-colored. 

How do These Braces Work? 

When you visit our dentist for the procedure, they attach the bracket to your teeth and connect them with wires. Many clear braces use metal wire to connect the brackets. However, you can also choose a white arch-wire to obtain an almost invisible appearance. 

During your next appointments, we will manipulate your teeth in suitable directions to align them properly. The duration of this treatment option is 18-24 months. However, sometimes, the treatment may be faster. 

Why Choose Clear Braces? 

Clear braces can solve several dental concerns such as crooked teeth, crossbites, underbites, overbites, overjets, and others, thereby giving you an appealing smile and increasing your confidence. They improve your oral and overall health by keeping tooth decay and gum diseases at bay. Clear braces are a cost-effective option to enhance your smile in the long run. 

How to Care for These Braces? 

After fixing clear braces into your mouth, our dentist will give you proper instructions to maintain your braces so that they last longer. We will guide you on how to clean your braces. Use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth and brush them thoroughly because if the food gets stuck, it may affect the orthodontic treatment.

Clean your braces right after eating the food to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Rinse your mouth well using a mouthwash. You should also take care with the food you eat. Avoid eating hard food items such as nuts, candies, chips, and crunchy foods. Avoid consuming pickles and acidic food as they may damage your brackets and wires. Use an interdental cleaner or floss threader to floss under the arch-wire.

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