Dentist in Modesto, CA

Dentist in Modesto, CA

Having to visit thedentist in Modesto, CA, every six months is one of the best things to do for your oral health. Many people overlook the importance of visiting a dental clinic. Skipping dental check-ups not only takes a toll on your dental health but also on the appearance of your smile.

As adentist in Modesto, CA, our services offer all kinds of dental treatments, from general to cosmetic and restorative. We care for the dental health of all age groups. Please schedule an appointment with us, and we will ensure you return home with a healthy mouth and dazzling smile. 

What to Expect from the Dentist in Modesto, CA? 

Family Dentistry in Modesto, CA

Our family dental services are customized for all age groups. You may schedule an appointment with all your family members, and we will check everyone under one roof. 

Orthodontics in Modesto, CA

This branch of dentistry extends to offering solutions for crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth. We use treatments like clear braces, traditional braces, fast braces, and Invisalign to solve your concern. 

Periodontics in Modesto, CA 

If you do not take proper oral care or skip regular dental check-ups, you may fall prey to gum diseases that may keep advancing to further stages. Visit us for the treatment of periodontitis, and we offer services like crown lengthening, bone grafting, and gum grafting. 

Dental Implants in Modesto, CA

Dental implants are a sought-after permanent solution to your missing teeth. We place these titanium studs on your jawbone. Once the jawbone heals, implants provide a strong foundation to the artificial teeth (crowns). 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Modesto, CA

Are you bothered about how your teeth look? Do you have chipped, broken, cracked, or discolored teeth? If yes, visit us for a sought-after cosmetic dental procedure. We provide treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, gum contouring, tooth bonding, etc., to improve your smile and confidence. 

Endodontics in Modesto, CA

Tooth decay is a serious concern, and it must be addressed on time. We treat decay and infections using various treatment approaches such as root canal surgery, apicoectomy, endomicroscopy, and retreatment – depending upon the severity of your condition. 

Restorative Dentistry in Modesto, CA

Our restorative dental services work towards improving the functionality of your teeth. We perform dental crowns, dentures, white fillings, and mercury-free fillings to improve your bite function, chewing, and speaking abilities. 

Oral Surgery in Modesto, CA

You may need oral surgeries such as surgical tooth extraction, simple tooth extraction, or wisdom tooth extraction due to decay, infection, or impacted teeth. While performing all these procedures, we use a local anesthetic to make you feel comfortable throughout the treatment. 

Pediatric in Modesto, CA

Bring your little one to our clinic, and we will carry out their dental check-up. If required, we may provide mouthguards or attach sealants to their teeth.  

To find out more about the dental services offered at All Smile Dental, call (209) 409-8839 or schedule an online consultation. You can also visit us at 1100 Carver Rd. #5, Modesto, CA 95350.



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