What Is a Frenectomy and When Is It Necessary?

What Is a Frenectomy and When Is It Necessary?

A frenectomy is a procedure in which the frenum, a small fold of tissue that anchors the lip or tongue to the gum, is removed. At All Smile Dental, this procedure is often performed on newborns or children, but adults may also need one.

Explain Frenectomy

Frenectomies are the removal of tissue that interferes with normal function. When the frenum in the mouth is too tight, it can cause issues for the patient. Sometimes, patients may require their dentist, Dr. Singh, to do a frenectomy in order to treat speech problems that arise because of a tight frenum.

The most common place for dentists to perform a frenectomy is the upper frenum. This is a flap of skin that is attached to the upper lip and runs between the front teeth. Some patients have naturally tight frenums, while others develop them due to an injury or certain habits, such as sucking on fingers or pacifiers. The tightening of the frenum can prevent the teeth from coming in properly. It can also make it difficult to properly clean the mouth. A frenectomy can resolve all of these issues by allowing the dentist to clip the frenum so that it is no longer an issue. After the surgery is complete, the patient will need to wear a retainer until the teeth have settled into their new alignment.

Why Is My Frenulum Causing Discomfort?

The frenulum is a thin fold of tissue that is located on the underside of your upper lip or on the roof of your mouth. Its job is to keep your lips in place so they don’t touch, which can cause unusual patterns of speech in children. In some cases, the frenulum can cause gum recession or even impact your bite alignment.

In these cases, Dr. Singh may recommend frenectomy treatment to diagnose and treat the condition. A frenectomy is a simple oral surgery that involves cutting the frenulum to prevent it from interfering with your oral health. Usually, an oral surgeon will perform the procedure, but in some cases, it can be completed at your regular dental office.

The procedure usually only takes a few minutes to complete and causes very little pain and downtime afterward. In fact, some patients experience no pain at all! During the first few days after the procedure, you will likely feel tender in the treated area. However, as you heal from the procedure, you should notice an improvement in your symptoms, including less gum recession and an improved ability to smile without showing your teeth.

Why Might I Need a Frenectomy?

  • Difficulty cleaning your teeth
  • Teeth that look abnormally spaced
  • Mouth breathing
  • Other limited mouth movements
  • Potential hindrance to your orthodontic treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment needs
  • Sleep apnea symptoms or habitual snoring

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