What Are the Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

What Are the Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a condition that affects the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, where the lower jaw connects to the skull. TMJ disorder can cause pain and limited range of motion in the jaw, face, neck, shoulders, and back. If you have any of the following symptoms, then you should see our dentist in Turlock or our dentist in Modesto.

Jaw Pain

Many people with TMD experience jaw pain that makes it difficult to open and close the mouth or chew food. In some cases, the pain can worsen when you wake up in the mornings. Some people also feel stiffness in the jaw and notice popping noises when they open their mouths.

Facial Pain 

You may also experience facial pain and headaches caused by your jaw problems. Often, people with TMD clench their jaws while sleeping without realizing it. This can cause tension in your jaw muscles and lead to back, neck, head, and shoulder pain. Over time, these muscles may shorten and become harder to move.

Limited Jaw Movement

When you don’t open your jaws all the way, it can lead to a number of symptoms that can affect your quality of life. You might feel pain in the face or neck. You may also have difficulty eating since you may have trouble chewing food that has been cut into small pieces. 


In addition, you may suffer from chronic headaches and tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition in which you hear a constant ringing sound in your ears. In some cases, the ringing is so loud that it’s distracting and can cause problems with work or other activities. In rare instances, you might also develop lockjaw, which is when your jaw muscles become stuck in an open position. If that happens, you’ll need emergency medical attention to prevent long-term damage to your jaw joints.

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Popping Sounds In the Joint

Many patients experience popping and clicking noises when they open or close their mouths. This sound is sometimes accompanied by an uncomfortable sensation in their jaw joints and the muscles around them. If left untreated, these symptoms could worsen; some patients even develop headaches due to TMJ disorder when left untreated for long periods of time.

Symptoms can vary in severity from patient to patient. Some patients will experience minor discomfort and pain, while others may have more severe symptoms that make it difficult to eat and speak comfortably. The best thing is to see our dentist in Turlock or our dentist in Modesto, determine the cause, and get treated.

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